#100 • Musing

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland


At last, I've completed 100pcs of small scale painting! Excited... I should, relief... I'm, I actually managed to reached that target! 
Along the journey, I've learned so much, so much of joy & great experiences, and of course, torment as well. Here're some of the things that I've learned so far.
1. shifted from brushes to palette knife, it was a great tools, produced fantastic texture & stroke!
2. light & shadow, there're so much of colors mixed in shadow, definitely not jut gray
3. combination of colors, to have variety of colors but achieved harmony in overall painting
4. colors value, high key or lower key? managed to control so far but much more to learn
5. gray, never thought of how interesting  gray is until my last 2 paintings (#99 & #100), great discovery!

What's next?
Will try to paint on bigger size canvas which might not able to paint daily (actually not possible :)
So much more to discover & explore, I'm sure it would be an exciting process, happy painting! 

10" x 10" oil painting with palette knife on canvas panel@USD$220 + 10 shipping & handling
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